Deep Tissue Massage

If you have you been experiencing pain in your muscles or finding it hard to get comfortable when you are attempting to lay back and relax, this could be a sign of stress or tension. From overexertion in sports to sleeping on your neck the wrong way, massage therapy can ease the unwanted tension on your the muscles. Deep tissue massage will go even further to provide ease to the deepest parts of your muscles and give you the most relaxing feeling.

With this type of massage, it specifically targets deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. Deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes allow the treatment to ease stress and tension, helping with blood pressure. This type is recommended for those who experience consistent pain or are involved in heavy physical activity such as sports.

We also give you the option to make your session a trigger point massage to be able to hit all the key point muscle groups. Your massage therapist will ensure that by the end of your session you will feel stress free and be ready to take on the days ahead of you fully relaxed. We aim to enable you to heal through mind, spirit and body. A 9 Massage is a day spa that believes that each individual is the part in healing.

We have many different types of message spa services here at our wellness center. Come find us in Tulare, CA at A 9 Massage . We’ll be sure to make all the stress disappear.