Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage involves the systematic application of pressure at key points on the body to relieve pain and stress. Along with stretching certain muscles, your Thai masseuse will help you rub out any knots and tension you may have. Many of A 9 Massage clients have said to have had no better treatment and say there’s no better way to achieve a sense of physical peace.

Traditionally, Thai massage can be either an individual or group activity. This makes it a great option for couple massages. But don’t let that scare you away from bringing your friends! Traditional Thai massage is one of our in-depth massage services, meaning it’s perfect for anyone holding on to a lot of stress or chronic pain.

Massage is integral to treating a variety of different physical ailments. This may include some muscle tears as well as muscle strain. Doctors have recommended massage for those under a lot of stress, as the physical sensation of the pain being worked around releases endorphins to brain, allowing you to feel much more calm. This is why you need to visit our thai spa today, to start feeling happier.

For the best in authentic Thai massage, visit one of our masseuse's at A 9 Massage in Tulare, CA. Our professional therapists are happy to provide exceptional massage spa services to you. From acupressure to full body massage, we are the day spa where you can relax and feel great.